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Cover art by Alyssa Liles-Amponsah
Exhibitions and Artist Talks

June 2021 - Current

Exhibition at the Cultural Equity Incubator, Boston MA

show entitled "Somewhere Away"


June-August 2020

Online exhibition with the Columbia Art League, Columbia, MO

Somewhere Away

March 09, 2017

Exhibition at the University of Missouri, College of Ed, Townsend Hall

See Them, See Us series part II

February 07, 2017

See Them, See Us series 

Re-calling on our most Fierce Activists for Inspiration See Them, See Us series exhibited in the Office of Inclusion, Diversity and Equity at the University of Missouri


September - October 2016

Comforts of Home? series exhibition

Craft Studio at the University of Missouri


May 06, 2016

American Mom Series on Display at HGSE May 6th -8th 2016 

Circle Up : Continuing the Conversation Conference 2016, Arts in Education, Harvard Graduate School of Education,Exhibited American Moms Series of paintings in collaboration with student writing implemented by English educator Sheggai Tamerat-Terry at the 2016 AIE Continuing the Conversation Conference in Cambridge, MA at the Harvard Graduate School of Education


March 03, 2016

Artist talk at Southern Connecticut State University 

Alyssa Liles-Amponsah visited Southern Connecticut State University on March 3rd in connection with "64 Days of Non-Violence" hosted by the Women Studies Department and Dr. Siobhan Carter-David. 




March 04, 2016

American Moms portraits will be up for viewing during Alumni of Color Conference, 2016 at HGSE

Portraits on display at the AOCC 2016

The portraits were accompanied by reflective student writing from the John D. O'Bryant High School in Boston. Alyssa Liles-Amponsah partnered with English educator Sheggai Tamerat-Terry to implement this collaboration. 


February 25, 2016

American Moms Series Collaboration Exhibition 

work exhibited in collaboration with local student writing

Columbia Public Schools Board Office

Columbia, MO










































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